The Tuscaloosa Top 5 - People You Meet At An Alabama Football Game

Five greatest folks at a Bama Football game


    5.) The Face

    A national sensation in 2011, The Face took the nation by storm with appearances on Today, The Tonight Show and SportsCenter. Today, he's still a student at UA and still at almost every sporting event.

    4.) Mr Glory Days

    Someday long ago in a far away galaxy known as the Bryant Era, he was President of his Fraternity. Today, admist the renewed success of the Saban Era, he lives for each Saturday with an attempt to relive his glory days

    3.) The Painted Roll Tide Folks

    What do you do when you have exactly eight friends and a bunch of red paint? Spell out R-O-L-L T-I-D-E!

    2.) Roll TIDE Roll Guy

    You've seen him your whole life...its the guy with the Tide box and two rolls of toliet paper on his head, a living Roll Tide Roll.

    1.) Proudly Stereotypical Frat Guy

    Do I even have to say anything?

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